RussoGraffix was founded in 2002, originally as a website offering an assortment of free desktop wallpapers created by my daughter and myself.

Eventually we expanded to include free Paintshop Pro tubes, brushes, and PSP vectors; Winamp skins, and screensavers, plus a portfolio of my daughter’s photography work.

When the decision was made to license most of our works under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license, a lot of my daughter’s work was removed from the website, including her photo gallery. There still remains a small number of desktop wallpapers created by her, which she has agreed to release under the RussoGraffix name, with a CC-BY license.

Today, almost all new works are created by myself. For the most part, I don’t get paid to make graphics, but I might get paid to do other work that requires the creation of graphics. Those images usually do not end up here, but some individual elements created for the projects, might.

I have a ton of stuff stockpiled away, waiting for me to find the time to package them up and add them to the site. Please be patient. I’ll get to it eventually, maybe a little sooner if you do something to remind me that this site exists, and show that you appreciate it, such as commenting on an image, sending me a message, or making a donation to help offset the costs of hosting or feeding my family.

And if there is something special that you’d like to see me add to the site, please do let me know. I am open to suggestions, especially any related to additional animals to add to the Flatimals and Globies collections, or people to add to the Simpletons collection.